ECMWF-MFS reliability diagram and spatial average of verification measures for Europe

These figures show the reliability diagram of 10m wind speed of the ECMWF-MFS forecast system (1994-2013), with respect to ERA-Interim reanalysis. Each row represents a month of the year starting from January, and each column a lead time (5-11, 12-18, 19-25, 26-32 days). Three regions are shown: Europe, North Sea and Iberian Peninsula. Check the figure's caption to identify to which region each figure is referring to.

Last three images show the average of the ensemble mean correlation, FairRPSS and FairCRPSS, one figure for each of the three above-described regions, for a given start month and lead time. For more information, see Scientific Technical Note Cortesi et al. (2016a).

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