METFR-S4 Fair Rank Probability Skill Score against ERA-Interim and JRA-55

These images show Fair Rank Probability Skill Score of METFR-S4 prediction for raw, bias corrected (with cross-validation) and calibrated (with cross-validation) wind speed and temperature against two reanalyses (ERA-Interim and JRA-55). The images are organised in the maps of each of the four seasons over the period 1991-2012 with 1 month lead time, for ERA-Interim and JRA-55 reanalysis respectively. For more information, see Scientific Technical Note Lee et al. (2016a).

Figure structure


    Periods          Reanalysis                         Seasons

1991-2012   |   ERA-Interim   ||   MAM   |   JJA   |   SON   |   DJF   |

                       |   JRA-55            ||   MAM   |   JJA   |   SON   |   DJF   |


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