About us

Who are we?

The Earth System Services group involves a multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers and young talents, virtually covering all aspects of climate science. Our expertise goes from the fundamental research in climate and atmospheric composition modelling to the liaison with the users, to take the most out of our services.

As part of the Earth Sciences Department in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), we develop in-house products, taking advantage of the Mare Nostrum 4 supercomputer. Our team has a recognised experience in short-term air quality and airborne dust forecasting (for the next days) and mid-term climate prediction (from three weeks to decades in advance).

We are successful providers of cutting-edge science, transferring knowledge and tools to key socio-economic sectors, such as renewable energy, air quality and mobility planning, agriculture or insurance, as well as to the general public. Our tailored services help narrow the usability gap between pure science and stakeholders.

We are proud of developing our services via collaborations with public administrations at the local, national or European level, as leaders in multinational partnerships or through private contracts with companies willing to exploit the opportunities from future climate and air quality information.

Our Mission

The Earth System Services group develops useful and usable state-of-the-art climate and air quality services, in close collaboration with the sectors pioneering the application of this knowledge in their operative decisions, to foster adaptation to climate change and move towards a more resilient society.

Our Vision

Our cutting-edge operational and semi-operational forecast services on climate, air quality and airborne dust, will lead the adaptation decisions of our stakeholders towards a more resilient, sustainable and less carbon-intensive society.

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