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Vodafone Connected City

We provide air quality forecasts for the platform of smart cities of Vodafone Connected City. Through this platform, the company collects different types of data generated by cities and citizens by means of sensors and other devices, and is able to process this data in real time and transform it into new information for the citizens and city managers. The air quality forecasts that we provide are a small part of a much bigger volume of data generated within the city, also called big data, which constitute the internet of things (idea that we can measure, detect and monitor the state of almost everything). Departing from the idea that data integration plays a key role in the context of smart cities, air quality forecasts can be combined with other information provided by third-parties to generate additional knowledge.



CALIOPE is an air quality forecast system for Europe and Spain. It produces an open, operational, and detailed forecast (24 and 48-h) aimed at air pollution managers and any citizen interested in the quality of the air we breathe. Centered in the field of atmospheric composition, it provides quantitative and qualitative information about the main pollutants regulated by the European Directive 2008/50/EC and the World Health Organization through the CALIOPE webpage and smartphone apps.

One of the applications of CALIOPE is getting data on the impact of certain measures to see whether it is possible to make decisions about restricting traffic, similar to those recently taken in Paris and Madrid. Some studies developed in-house indicate that mobility management measures, technological improvements, use of alternative fuels and projections of emissions from different sectors can help reduce the mean concentrations of atmospheric pollutants.

The Environment Secretariat of the Government of México (SEDEMA) has adopted CALIOPE to predict air quality in México City - Aire CDMX - and evaluate measures to reduce pollution levels.

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