Water management

The water sector is related to the management of rainwater, rivers, lakes, and dams. It is strongly connected to other sectors such as agriculture, tourism, energy, etc. The water sector is very sensitive to extreme weather events, such as floods and droughts, and to changes in climate as well as in the hydrological cycle. Applying High Performance Computing (HPC), the BSC provides climate information and services useful for water management to support the future decision-making of the water sector.

When taking decisions to match water supply and demand at all times, water managers need to consider the seasonal variability of climate. Climate predictions of precipitation and temperature are used to estimate the water volumes stored in reservoirs and available in the river basins. This information is used to define the distribution of water resources and to help reduce the risks taken by the different stakeholders that depend on water availability. Applications of climate predictions to the water management sector include:

  • Resource allocation (irrigation, drinking, industrial)
  • Water quality management
  • Optimisation of infrastructure management for hydropower generation
  • Improvement of river transport performance
  • Mapping and evaluation of market and business opportunities for hydraulic engineering companies


Services - water management

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