BSC Dust Daily Forecast

This visualisation tool will no longer be available after 21 February 2022.

The daily dust forecast service provided by the BSC will be maintained and made available through other channels:



A large amount of mineral dust is mobilized over arid regions and injected into the atmosphere under favorable weather conditions. The impact of mineral dust upon climate, ecosystems and air quality (and consequently on economic activities and human health) represents a major scientific and societal issue.  Desert dust models are essential to complement dust-related observations, understand the dust processes and predict the impact of dust on surface level particulate matter concentrations. The updated BSC-DREAM8b and the new NMMB/BSC-Dust are the models developed in the Earth Sciences Department to simulate and/or predict the atmospheric cycle of mineral dust at BSC.

Due to technical issues, NMMB/BSC-Dust forecast is stopped until further notice.


In the top menus, you should choose the daily dust operational products (72-hours dust forecasts) that you want to access, based on the two available models (BSC-DREAM8b and NMMB/BSC-Dust) and their corresponding operational domains (regional or global). In some operational domains (those are covering North Africa-Middle East-Europe, NA-ME-E), an extra menu is available that gives access to customize products (zooms over some particular regions inside the geographical domain).

In the bottom time bar, you can select a specific time over the 72-hours dust forecast products (selecting in gaps of 6 hours between 0 and 72) or can see the corresponding animation clicking the play button or "GIF" option. 

In the right menu inside the graphical window, you could personalize the information corresponding to the previously selected model and operational domain

  • Choosing the day in an interactive calendar which makes you access to past and present available daily dust forecast products
  • Downloading documents in "Documentos" tab which includes a "Model Description" with an overview of the main features of the corresponding selected model and a "Model Configuration" with the description of the resolution applied as well as the meteorological global input used to generate the daily dust forecast products.
  • Accessing to the daily dust and meteorological forecast products in the "NMMB/BSC-Dust" or "BSC-DREAM8b" tabs.
  • Clicking in "NRT Evaluation" which make you overview quickly the quality of the daily dust forecasts products evaluated by ground-based (AERONET) and satellite (MSG and MODIS) observations.



The contents and images offered in this website can be freely used by anyone with the only commitment to explicitly mention the source and include the following acknowledgement: "data and/or images from the (NMMB/BSC-Dust or BSC-DREAM8b) model, operated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (", every time they are used. In the case of establishing links to the contents of this website, kindly inform us via email. If you need specific data, you must formalize the request via email, indicating the data needed and the reason for the request.

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