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co-producing climate and air quality services


The Earth System Services (ESS) group is an interdisciplinary team of experienced researchers and young talents covering all aspects of climate and air quality sciences. The group conducts interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research to enhance the societal value of weather and climate prediction services, atmospheric composition and global health by actively engaging with society, decision- and policymakers to exchange knowledge and develop user-oriented services.


Climate Services

Climate Services

Air Quality Services

Air Quality Services

Knowledge Integration

Knowledge Integration

Global Health Resilience

Global Health Resilience



Climate-carbon interactions in the current century


Vineyard tools based on Earth observations and in-field sensors


Climate services in the Southern African Development Community



Operational air quality forecast system


July 17, 2024

The EUCRA shiny app

The Earth System Services group releases a shiny app with information on climate impact drivers in Europe on the occasion of the 1st European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) report of the European Environment Agency.

July 1, 2024

ESS holds its retreat to foster group cohesion

The Earth System Services group shared two days of inspiration, collaboration, and fun to strengthen linkages on a personal level and perform on a professional level.

May 21, 2024

The Seasonal Hurricane Predictions platform run by BSC calls for an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center, in collaboration with other institutions, manages a platform that compiles forecasts for the North Atlantic tropical cyclone season from nearly 30 forecast centres from all over the world.

May 13, 2024

The 2024 Europe Report of the Lancet Countdown, led by BSC, warns urgent action is needed to protect health from climate change

It highlights the health impacts of climate change tend to be unevenly distributed, often reflecting intersecting patterns of socioeconomic development, marginalisation, and existing patterns of inequity.

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