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The Earth System Services (ESS) group is an interdisciplinary team of experienced researchers and young talents covering all aspects of climate and air quality sciences. The group conducts interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research to enhance the societal value of weather and climate prediction services, atmospheric composition and global health by actively engaging with society, decision- and policymakers to exchange knowledge and develop user-oriented services.


Climate Services

Climate Services

Air Quality Services

Air Quality Services

Knowledge Integration

Knowledge Integration

Global Health Resilience

Global Health Resilience



Climate-carbon interactions in the current century


Vineyard tools based on Earth observations and in-field sensors


Climate services in the Southern African Development Community



Operational air quality forecast system


November 17, 2023

BSC successfully organises the second uncertAIR workshop

Held, with resounding success, the second workshop of the uncertAIR project, entitled "Testing the prototype of the uncertAIR tool".

November 13, 2023

BSC co-produces climate services for food security in Africa

Researchers from ESS at the Earth Sciences Department of BSC have spent two weeks in Tanzania and Malawi as part of the FOCUS-Africa project.

October 11, 2023

BSC expands the Tall Tower Dataset

The BSC’s Tall Tower Dataset, a global database containing wind series from meteorological tall towers, has recently experienced an update and expansion.

August 8, 2023

BSC participates in a study on deep learning and a new economy in weather and climate forecasts

A team of experts analyses the benefits and needs of a public-private symbiosis in weather and climate forecasts.

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