Air Quality Services

We develop timely air quality information and services based on atmospheric modelling, including daily forecasts of air pollutants, and sand and dust. This information is key for optimal decision-making and planning at urban and regional scales to tackle air pollution and improve citizens' health and wellbeing.

What we do

We produce air quality information on the concentration of the main regulated pollutants at specific locations, from local to regional and global scales. Air quality forecasts play an important role in the development and assessment of management strategies, as they offer a detailed evaluation of areas facing air pollution problems and allow to identify the main factors that lead to the exceedance of air quality standards. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of air quality services to manage the air pollution problem and reduce its effects on citizens and the environment, as well as provide additional knowledge through the generation of big data.

How we do this

We use High-Performance Computing (HPC) to develop and improve air quality models, which are effective tools for obtaining forecasts and assessing the dynamics of regulated air pollutants. By applying a co-production approach that allows knowledge exchange between service providers and users, we create tailored services through the exploration of new visualisation and communication techniques that improve the usability of air quality information.

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