Our work in this project

Product design – We work to develop an augmented reality application that will visualise air quality levels in Europe in an understandable way. Our team strives to understand the needs and previous knowledge of the potential users (students, teachers and citizens) in order to design an intuitive and useful educational tool.

Raising awareness on air quality matters – The augmented reality application, developed as part of the project, aims to inform, educate and promote behavioural changes related to air quality topics. The app targets young students, their families and citizens in general, and will be piloted in different locations across Europe.

Collaborating for maximum impact – Through regular interactions with other relevant projects and initiatives, we create clusters to learn from each other and collaborate, ensuring broader reach and impact of the project.

Why is this work relevant?

GreenSCENT works to create a set of digital tools that can help raise awareness on various environmental issues, thus empowering students, youth and citizens to be more informed and take action for a better future. Focusing on air pollution, the work done within the project aims to inform and educate citizens, in particular the younger generation, to make more conscious choices that could improve air quality and reduce its health impacts.


Augmented reality app

Educational app that allows to explore air quality levels in regions and cities across Europe, and learn more about air pollution