Our work in this project

Communication, dissemination and exploitation - ESS, specifically the Knowledge Integration Team, is involved in the communication, dissemination and exploitation, with the aim of maximizing the visibility, usability and uptake of the project’s results. The project primarily targets the climate research community but also the policy-making community and the broader public to increase knowledge and trust in ESMs needed to transition to a climate-neutral and resilient European society and economy.

Earth System Model improvement and climate simulations - The Climate Variability and Change group of ES (outside of ESS) is involved in climate research that produces new climate simulations for benchmarking, evaluates ESMs against observational data, and contributes to developing new emission and land use scenarios. 

Why is this work relevant?

Communicating abrupt climate changes and their regional consequences to the policy-making community, as well as to the broader public, is important to guarantee the uptake and incorporation of OptimESM’s results as scientific basis for policies implementing the goals of the Paris Agreement.