About the service

We develop forecasts of air quality and the concentration of the main regulated pollutants (O3, NO2, CO, SO2, PM10, PM2.5 and benzene) at 24h and 48h that can be consulted at specific locations: Europe (12 x 12 km), the Iberian Peninsula (4 x 4 km), Canary Islands (2 x 2 km), Catalonia (1 x 1 km) and Barcelona (20 x 20 m). Improving the forecasting of atmospheric composition and air quality from global to local scales, through the development of modelling systems, allows predicting the concentrations of atmospheric trace gases and aerosols, along with their effects upon air quality.

Why is this service relevant?

Air quality is an issue of significant concern, especially in urban areas, due to the high level of emissions from road traffic and residential combustion, as well as unfavourable conditions for the dispersion of pollutants. Air quality modelling at global, regional and local scales comprehensively describes air quality problems, considering emission sources and atmospheric conditions.

CALIOPE models the atmospheric conditions to provide air quality information for short-term action. The service has the following applications:

  • Early warning health alerts: Air quality information available to anyone interested in the state of air quality for health reasons, such as individuals with cardiopulmonary diseases, children, and people doing sports exercise outdoors.

  • Air quality impact assessments: Integrated assessment and control of emission point sources from the heavy industry: power plants, incineration or biomass plants, and cement industries.

  • Comprehensive air quality planning: Assessment of urban planning strategies for reducing atmospheric pollution and its effects on citizens and the environment.